Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday Write the Math Room Write On Bookmark

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1. Do you keep free write journals? My kinders like to keep journals to write in when they finish early or don't eat breakfast or there is indoor recess aka Magic School Bus and draw a picture or an IEP meeting runs long or you get the picture. They can write and draw anything they like, revisit old work or write about topics I give them. Once a week, we take time during calendar to share something we wrote that week so I like them to work in their notebooks in order. Usually, I give them a sticky note to mark the place...but I'm using bookmarks this year. I made Writing Bookmarks.

2. For my Friday Freebies, I decided on a growing freebie. Each Friday for the next few weeks, I will be adding bookmarks to a freebie file on TPT. Last week's bookmark was Adventure Awaits. I resized it in different options and directions for you to choose from. I also added 2 writing bookmarks. Star Writer and Write On using the kids with pencils above. Check out the growing freebie here. I'm linking the freebie with TBA's Freebie Friday so hop over there and check out everyone else's freebies as well.

3. I'm still battling sinus issues and some vertigo but had good headway with doctors visits this week. Then I was able to get a good number of new items finalized and posted to my TPT store this week. Click here to check out some different versions of Write the Math Room.

4. I get back in my classroom on Monday. I'm so excited as it is a new to me classroom. I've been sorting and resorting all summer. 

5. Since it is my last full Friday of vacation, I took my girls to the farm. It was the youngest's first pony ride. The park near us has a 4H petting farm so she loves to pet the goats and we like to visit the zoo. But she got to this.... 
Have a great week.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is it Fall yet? TPT Sale

Just a quick update with....
Some new items I was able to complete and post.
Fall Kids Write the Math Room and Math games too.

Crunch Series
Check out this project...
Do you think I was having fun with EduClips' Fall Kids set? :) 
And of course, the bundled WRITE THE ALPHABET set.
They are now up on TPT and included in the sale.

Friday, August 1, 2014

It is August! Five for Friday

August...Almost Back to School
1. Edu-clips had this great freebie today so I made it into a free bookmark.
2. I'm changing schools for the new year...still in Kindergarten. : ) Before I started bringing in my books and files, I wanted to drop off a little something for the custodial and office staff. So my little one and I took this over this week. I'll get to start moving in the 11th.

3. You've probably heard about the BIG TPT sale.
120 × 125
My TPT store is 20% off August 4 & 5. Don't forget to enter the promo code for the extra TPT discount. I even figured out how to make a banner for the store with different product covers. I'll keep working on it. : )

4. I've finally put my alphabet cards into units for TPT. I've used these all this year. I print them 50% and use in a small pocket chart. My kinders use them to complete an alphabet book center - a folder with circle maps, sentences and handwriting practice. You can check out a free sample as well as download the generic recording sheets. 
Here are some of the recording sheet options.

You can pick up the sets as well:
S to Z
5. I'm glad that it is still SUMMER.

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Have a great weekend!

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