Saturday, February 22, 2014

GiveAway Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the give-away and to all of our followers and to the contributors!
The grand prize and runner-up winners will be getting emails with their prizes soon.
It is super tempting to keep pushing the Pick a Winner button on Rafflecopter. Don't forget to pick up Friday's freebie. So, I added a mystery unannounced prize to the giveaway. Two ladies who commented on my blog post are getting an item from an upcoming unit from my KinderMyles store. They'll receive an email from me as well.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five for Friday & Last Day of GiveAway

We have had a lot of fun this week....and I actually have pictures : )
1. Our summative projects for our Community Unit.
These turned out great. They had to pick a place with its people that provided a good or service to the community. Everyone had to select a different one. They drew the front of the building and ...the insides. They turned out awesome.

2. Valentine's Day
Tuesday - Valentine's Make-up Day. Here is a picture of my own children's valentines for their classes.
3. Valentine's Day Numberlines
We got out the big hop on it numberline. So everyone had a turn playing, we found numbers, rolled a die and hopped that many spaces. We even tried moving before and after...but we couldn't move less than 0. The next day, we used the numberline that went to 20 to find numbers before and after on this page.
Time got away from me before I published We {heart} Numbers as a unit (I was totally focused on getting We {heart} Vowels on TPT. So, this can be today's freebie. It has the Valentine's one for next year and a St Patty's Day one for this year. Graphics Artists Featured - you guessed it: Kari Bolt & EduClips.
4. 100th Day Projects
 Friday - 100th Day; Best part was our home projects. Their mission: find and count 100 of the same object (in sets of ten), put in a mystery bag (one that we can't see in), write 3 clues on the bag. This was one of their homework assignments for the last two weeks. Their complaint: I don't have a bag. My answer: How can you solve that problem - think of different types of bags. Their answer: wonderful. They brought stockings, reused their valentine's bags, used reusable bags, shopping bags and more. Each student stood up and shared their clues one at a time. Then they were able to call on a classmate to guess what they brought. (Listening and Speaking as well as Talent Development). Plus...they love this. A few people shared each day.
5. Training, Training, Training
I had training to give accommodations for a student for our upcoming state test - two mornings in a row. Best training was after school - Kindergarten Math training. We got gifts - a book & ten frame trains (which I opened immediately and played with). The training was on mainly on subitizing. Ten frames were featured. We love ten frames in my class. Check out these pictures of us doing shake and drop from my Red & Gold unit. Shake it high, Shake it low, Shake it left, Shake it right, Slow Slow Slow, Drop. This is one of the recording sheets we used featuring number bonds.

I am linking up with TBA's Freebie Friday. Stop on by and check out everyone else's freebies too. : )

Freebie Fridays

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Technology Tuesday: How SMART is Your PDF?

How SMART is your PDF?
At a recent staff PD at my school, I presented something similar to this. I thought you all might be interested in how to use your pdf games in Smart Notebook.

Remember, you use these for personal classroom use not to give away or resell. You can't take a pdf and modify it in Smart to give (or sell) someone else.

These examples use my own materials (Kari Bolt clipart). I will show you two ways to "print" to Smart and several ways to interact. : )

I prefer using Screen Capture over Print. Just a personal preference.
You can also use your print dialogue (it may look different).

Now you have a picture of the page from your pdf. Let's make it interactive.
Add dice or a spinner for fun Math games. We'll add dice. 
Add counters to cover.
You can make the counters out of shapes.
Or you can just play on your printables.
What do you think?
Don't forget to join in the rafflecopter give away. See this post for lots of info.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

It Takes a Community GiveAway & Freebie

It Takes A Community

I am super excited to host this giveaway. Our kindergarteners are studying Communities this unit. Our central idea is Communities consist of people and places that provide goods and services. So I've asked some great bloggers and graphic artists to join in the giveaway.
One Winner will get the entire "community" of prizes. These prizes cover the people, places and economics of a community.

Kari Bolt is offering a winner's choice of 1 combo set or 2 regular sets. Check out all the wonderful graphics at her TPT store. I love how her characters interact. They are great for creating readers and games. Her sets come with color and b/w outline.

Sarah at EduClips is donating the color and b/w outline sets for Community Helpers 1. She has great style and coordinating sets and series including habitats, sports and phonics. Be sure to follow because her sets are half off the first 48 hours.

Number Two Pencils have generously donated their Economics Unit. This is a great tie-in to the goods and services many of us teach with community helpers. I love how it includes Photo cards for good and services sorts.

A Tale of Two  Teachers have donated their Helping Hands Community Helpers Math & Literacy Stations which bundles several of their community helper units and adds a few extra items. I love how the write the room cards include tools that the community helpers use. This is a great resource for writing.

I can't say how thrilled I am that they are all participating in the giveaway. So...

Two additional winners will get my Read, Write and Count Around Town unit, Ask a Community Helper {Speech Bubbles} and the Needs & Wants Reader freebie.

If you don't already, you'll definitely want to follow all these lovely ladies. Click the pic below to download the pdf with links.

A Tale of Two K Teachers  Blog    Facebook  Christina Mauro TPT Store

Number Two Pencils  Facebook  TPT Store  Pinterest

Educlips  TPT Store  Blog  Facebook

Kari Bolt Design & Illustrations  TPT Store  Facebook
KinderMyles  Blog  TPT Store  Facebook

The rafflecopter starts today Monday, February 17th and ends Friday, February 21st. Winners will be announced Saturday, February 22nd.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

To get you in the mood, here is a freebie. Draw The Setting Readers Freebie. How do good writers use the setting to add details? One features Community Helpers and the other animals. Focus word wall word is are. Linking up to Classroom Freebies Manic Monday Don't forget to stop over there and check out a few other great bloggers with freebies.

...And some pictures from my classroom...
Here is  a picture of a writing center - creating sentences. I introduced this center in small group with winter cards from We Snow Love to Read and Write. Then they had the same cards at their center and then we added the places cards from my unit. They work as partners to create statements and questions. (This class loves writing questions.) Then they decide which ones to write and illustrate. They can pick one to illustrate and add their own sentences or they can turn the paper over to write 3 different sentences each with their own pictures. 
This is another favorite at workstations. It comes in different versions. When my class uses nonsense words, some just say the sounds and others are working on the words. You can have the students read the entire row Dibels like but we enjoy reading one word from each row. In my classroom, I've imported this into Smart to use on the board with interactive dice.
We love using multiple sources to research. Before we researched, everyone wrote a question on their whiteboard. (Sometimes we needed to look at a picture of the worker to help us - see picture on top). Then they whispered to their neighbors. Finally, a few friends shared out loud and we recorded on our chart. (Don't you just love my heads.) After we had the questions we wanted answered, we read along with the Scholastic Community Club interviews online. We listened for the answers to our questions and new information. We took on the role of the worker and answered the ones we knew. Then we used another source. We liked using PebbleGo database (other picture on top). We also used non-electronic sources such as books and magazines. Sometimes, we had to interview the teacher because we couldn't find the information in the text we chose.

(imagine more examples of their research still at school and I've been home due to snow)
Each student got a sticky note to record information they learned. They mostly answered the question they had asked or some little tidbit that they found interesting. These were pictures and labels or sentences. They added them to our circle map. The frame you ask? They had to decide what category their information would go in. We color coded the sticky notes. Each worker had slightly different categories like tools/equipment, actions, why, where. I had some I wanted to use but they surprised me with some great explanations.

We loved thinking of questions to ask the people in our community. We wrote the questions in speech bubbles and added the person we were asking. Some of the students really enjoyed doing this. Here are 2 free writes hanging on our door. The mail carrier gets asked, "What do you need to do your job? ". Another child wants to ask a "cleaner", "How do you clean the whole building?".
Wondering if we ever have Math class? I have a great post scheduled for later this week talking about how to use your pdf games on your SmartBoard. Be sure to follow me & check back...
See you soon,
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