Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday and a Feelings Freebie

I’m going to try and get back to Friday Freebies.

 I did post a Monday apple freebie this week (which I did do with my class yet). My apologizes for no photos this week but I can't seem to remember to take a camera that I can get the pics off easily.


Today was a reward day for the students for good behavior. Instead of their regular music/pe, all the kinders were together moving from the gym with PE stations to the music room for dancing to the Media Center for board games and picture drawing. It was a little overwhelming for them but they get back on track and spent the rest of the day learning!
We started the day off with the Grover and Dave Mathews' song about feelings. Mainly because I figured out that it was accessible at school with our new policy for youtube for education. The kids thought it was great!
We have been talking about feelings a lot recently. We've been building our classroom community. In celebration of the word am, I made a reader with I am___. I used certain vocabulary for my son that his speech teacher works on in his pragmatics group. I made the one for my class with other words (disappointed was super long to fit in the book :).
We did the book over 2 days. Even my kids who love to free draw large amounts of one color drew the most amazing detailed faces. We spent time on each page making that face to our neighbor thinking about what would make us feel that way, sharing with a partner (and of course lots of examples from me for some of the words). They looked at eyes, eyebrows, mouths. We talked about how some people in the class had different faces for the same feeling. Surprised was a big one for that - some had small round mouths and some people opened their mouths really big. We talked about what we can do if a friend is sad. They had lots of ideas. When I asked what they could do for themselves if they were sad, it was harder. So after we talked about what would make us feel happier when we are sad, they drew a thought bubble for the happy page of something they could think of to feel happy.

We talked about the feelings of characters this week and how illustrators show us how the characters feel or think through their pictures. We don't "do" a reading program but we have the Treasures materials. I love the Oral Vocabulary Cards. They are 4 picture cards with a story written on the back. The kids see the pictures as you read the story. Sometimes I have the kinders look at the card and sometimes I project them on the SmartBoard. But I never just read the story. There is lots of questioning, turn and talk, drama and a little ad-lib. This one was great to talk about lonely and scared. The lonely lion tried to steal the ostrich's chicks. The ostrich gets scared and gets other animals to help her trick the lion. We really read the pictures closely looking at their faces and other clues.
graphics by Krista Wallden at Creative Clips

So as I typed I figured out what freebie I have to give you all -the feelings book. I didn't want to post it on TPT because being me I'd feel I had to make a dozen versions just so everyone had a choice. : )

This is the one I used with my class. Yes, it has sleepy and hungry because those show up in the Rigby books and they were fun to draw.

You can download it here.
And I'll link up to Five for Friday and Freebie Friday. So check out all the links there!

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