Friday, November 29, 2013

We Snow Love to Read and Write

I am loving the Snow set from Kari Bolt. Here is the picture of the set from her Facebook page. Aren't they adorable?

I started to make some mini-readers with writing pages and it "snowballed". I couldn't decide how to break it up or when to stop. : ) It is going to be listed on TPT for $4 but is just $2 for today Nov 29th! (The rest of my store is 20% off today.) Here is a preview of some things included.

It includes Writing Centers: Sentences for the students to sequence and copy (each sentence has a different picture); Individual cards to create their own sentences with picture cards (can also be used for a Write the Room) &  Variety of worksheets to sequence the sentence, write their own and illustrate (match the readers, too); Pocket Chart center with sentences to match pictures to. Follow-up includes making lift-the-flap writing.
Mini-readers include: We Make It From Snow; Do We Have a Snowman? & The Snowball Fight
Perhaps my favorite is for a Writing lesson. There are a variety of formats for students to make a foldable with their own story about a snowball fight or use it to cut and paste in a story.

Hope you are excited about it as I am!

As a little freebie - 2 Calendar Pieces Sets - Santa and Elves and International Christmas. Both sets use graphics from Kari Bolt as well. : )

I printed and put the International Christmas pieces in my pocket chart at school before the Thanksgiving Day break just to see and it looks great. It goes with our international mindedness as well. I'm excited to see the kids reactions.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. Love the International Holiday calendar pieces. Thank you!