Monday, December 2, 2013

December Currently & freebie

Linking up with Farley.

I love December (and it isn't because it is my birthday month). I get such a warm feeling - all the holidays and the possibility of snow. The smell of crisp fresh air (and snow) and all the smells of the season (hot chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon...). Advent and Christmas lights. I listen to or watch the holidays movies all month long. I have great children and we try to have our own family traditions. My son is asking tons of questions tonight about how other people celebrate and putting all the Santa movies together. My favorite tradition growing up was the big family dinner with all my cousins. The day after Christmas, we'd drive up to my grandparents and see everyone. My kids don't have all the cousins but they do love to bake cookies so that is a tradition for our family now.
I just made a limited time freebie for all of you - an 18 page emergent predictable mini-reader (okay it took forever to get formatted and trial printing but its done). Print it 2 sided. It goes over events at both a family's house and the North Pole with the focus word "put" for beginning readers. My daughter helped finalize the order of the pages.
It uses Kari Bolt's graphics just like the Snow Reader. I was lucky to win that set of graphics from Kari. She is great to work with. Of course, with the TPT sale, I picked up another set of hers with children playing in the snow. So I am excited to work with those graphics.
I also updated the Let's Go mini-reader sets - adding two more complex mini-readers. I've been creating mini-readers to save paper this year and I haven't organized them for TPT yet. I was excited to hear at conferences from parents how their children were rereading the booklets at home and how they were more excited to read and write! I am a big believer in b/w readers because the kinders get to write on them & reread them at home.
Don't forget the freebie from Friday.
And don't forget the code Cyber when checking out at TPT (yep...I did.) A little reminder from another graphic artist I love.
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  1. I love December too! It is the best month, ever. It sounds like you do lots of wonderful things to fully celebrate the season with your family! I found you through Farley's Currently!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. Thanks for commenting. Sounds like your weather in Nevada is like ours in Maryland right now.

  2. Sounds like you do a lot of fantastic things in December! I must admit I get kind of tired of snow and cold, but all the holiday traditions make the month fun!


    1. We don't get enough snow around here for me and usually more in January. : ) Right now, it is just cold enough to make things seem fresh.