Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Freebie and a Picnic


What a fun time of year it is! School is ending soon or already - which means I'm cleaning and organizing my classroom and the kids are getting excited to be first graders. It also means the end of the year picnic (where we are having pizza).

With Summer, Memorial
Day and the end of the year, I started readers for My Picnic.... And it took me forever to decide
what went in them. What is a picnic? a basket and a blanket in the park, a church outing, a grill and
burgers, a barbeque? I searched and searched clipart and graphics. And I am done several readers later. So check them out along with their Writing and Math centers. :)

Your freebie is one non-repetitive text reader on....picnic baseball summer Father's Day. Ever since putting out the My Mom line for Mother's Day, this set of products has been waiting. I actually did a My Dad Write the Room in my classroom along with My Mom. At conferences, those pictures were still up and one dad pointed them out to his son "that looks like me and you". Enjoy the freebie.

Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Fuzzies for Friday

My kinders had 3 days of school this week (one of which I was at an all day conference) and the other 2 days were parent conferences. It was a super busy week.
Here are 5 fuzzies for Friday.
1. I was looking out my door for a conference to show and saw a student I taught last year. I waved and asked him how he was. He asked if he could give me a *hug*. Of course. How sweet he was.
2. I was talking to a first grade teacher and she was telling me how some of her students that I knew had taken off with reading and socializing and general growing up. She was so proud of them and so am I.
3. Tuesday night I got to go to dinner with teammates from my old school. Some of us had been there for a long time and some a short time before it was restructured and many of us are in different places now. What a pleasure it was to see these ladies and hear about their personal lives and teaching. Facebook and email just aren't enough.
4. Parent Conferences. I got to tell parents how much their children have grown and the wonderful things they are doing.
4 1/2. And it always makes me blush when they tell me how much their children love my class and me.
5. I attended an eCoach training and talked tech with others from the county including a previous teammate of mine and when you smile at someone, they will smile back. :)
6. Another teacher in my hall hit the dollar spot and brought me back a surprise.
7. I was able to use the wait time between conferences at the Boys and Girls club to share with my teammate and assistant principal. I had a few minutes to talk with the special education teacher about her youngest daughter's graduation.

And on it goes. My own children have to make this list because they do something special every day to show they love me.

(I'll be posting a new freebie soon. I've been buried in paperwork.)

Here's hoping you had some warm fuzzies this week.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Baseball Add & Subtract the Room

It has been a busy crazy week around here including writing progress reports and Art galore in class. But my husband an daughter had a Baseball night out. So here is this week's freebie...Baseball Add & Subtract the Room.

There are 8 addition and 8 subtraction cards and 2 recording sheets.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday & Freebies

                                                       Mother's Day Gifts

fiveforfridayOur Kinder class really loved our mothers this week. :) Our Breakfast work was Mother related number work (which means the early finishers wrote lots of mom sentences on the backs). They wrote the room for verbs related to pictures of children and their mothers. They had a reader to stamp the word with at stamp center. Then in reading groups we worked on pronouns (she, he, his, her) in another reader from my My Mom Interactive Readers.
Then today we crafted. They rotated stations to make 2 different flowers. They traced their hands and rolled the fingers to make paper lilies (with a little symmetry). They painted with water colors on coffee filters folded in half to make their second flower. They used the cutest seed packet craft from Teaching's a Hoot to hold their flowers.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts My own children and I made art for their teachers. We used my digital scrapbooking sets from Just So Scrappy (see the Sweet picture) and Kari Bolt's Summer Reading Kids clipart to make art for magnetic picture frames for their teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Sale - Oh boy...I stocked up on graphics from some of my go-to artists like Kari Bolt, Zip-a-Dee-Doh-Dah, Pink Cat Studio, Ashley Hughes & Charlotte's Clips plus a new to me artist Kady Did Doodles (had to get some baseball!) My new problem was what to start on first! :) Thank you to everyone who purchases from my store. I was nicely surprised that people shopped my sale. I love that others can use what I make.

Summer Sports Set - I started with the Boys of Summer Sports a set of word wall word cards to play Four Card. Each of over 50 word wall words (high-frequency) comes in 4 graphics (surfing, baseball, biking & soccer) so students can match either the picture or the word in a fun, fast paced game to improve fluency. You differentiate by selecting the words your students need. This can be played as a center or with a few students at snack or with a volunteer. I also added in a game board so the students can play a slower game to practice using the words in sentences. You can use 1/4 of the deck or have multiples of words the group really needs to work with.

Freebie Friday - As I was thinking about my freebie, I knew I needed to add-on to the Boys of Summer Sports Words. I created a shake and write center. Put cards in a bag or box. Students shake the bag and draw a card. They find the column on their paper making the picture on the card and write the word there. It isn't quite a graph because the words can change. A fun way to practice reading, spelling and writing words. Of course, I couldn't stop there. I added more word cards - verbs this time to go with the sporty theme. These can be combined with Four Card game. So where is this the Four Card Preview - just download the preview for the free add-on.  Here is the freebie on Teacher's Notebook.
Now to stop over to TBA and see what everyone else has for Freebie Friday.

Have a great weekend! I'm going to relax with my children for Mother's Day so I am off to work on progress reports due next week.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Freebie - Mother's Day

It is Friday once again and you know I am linking up with TBA. On the 1st, I promised some Mother's Day readers for those of you not quite ready for the beach. :)

Check out My Mom Interactive Readers (download the preview for the  freebie game boards in b/w and color with spinner). This set of readers with activities (differentiated and cover things with do with Mom as well as gifts for Mom) also includes a Write the Room and a Scrambled Sentences center with accountability sheets.
I also added to my TPT and TN stores a My Mom May Math & Morning Work packet with printables. It has the same game board freebie. It also has patterns, one/two more and less, graphing and more.

Since I was hiding freebie samples and had to reload the thumbnails for My Bedtime Interactive Readers, I snuck a freebie in the download preview there from the packet - cards with bedtime pictures for game play.

If you are new, scroll back through the last few posts to find photos (which I almost always forget to take) and freebies.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Currently and pictures

It is my first time linking up for Currently. It is mostly all about own darlings who are on my mind. So I have a few pictures to follow showing school work as well.

My daughter got her report card last week and requested a trip to Golden Corral which is evidently the in place to eat for second graders. Needless to say, the toddler entertained the place. Despite picking a table in front of the fruits and vegetables, my children found the deserts on their first go round. So cotton candy fueled children went running in the backyard. :)

At school today, we had visits from our high school buddies. They came once before and interviewed the kinders. Then they wrote them books. Today, they returned with the special dedicated books. After reading, a craft and running around the playground, the kinders were so sad to see their buddies go.

And here are some work samples from our last few weeks on animals. Camouflage pictures to go with Eric Carle's Mr Seahorse. And research organizers, writing and turtle crafts to go with my Sea Creatures Research It! pack.

Don't forget to check in on May Fridays for Mother's Day items and freebies.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Freebie on the First - Going to Brightly Beach

Wow. May is here already. Which means it is time for Freebie on the First. And after checking for the post all day, I am finally linked up - click the Freebielicious button to the right. I couldn't decide what freebie to offer. For Mother's Day and Father's Day, I am working on interactive readers about family (and a few games too!). So check out Fridays in May for a freebie to go with those.

It is vacation time! We still have all of May and half of June before Summer Break here but who doesn't love the beach.

I created a Bright Beach Calendar Pieces Plus set (with multiple patterns of calendar pieces and headers, printable calendars, and recording sheets to use extra pieces in centers) a coordinating Bright Beach Write the Math Room (with addition, subtraction, ten frame, base ten, dominos and a variety of recording sheets) and a new game Brightly Beach Balance It! (for use with number balances)

....all with freebies in the download preview on TPT links above or TN.

Since we are in a beachy frame of mind, why not create Brightly Beach in your classroom? Do you have a sensory table? Hide laminated cards in the sand. Have the students use a small pail and shovel to find and record the numbers from sand. No table? Use a Rubbermaid container. Sand too messy? Simply put the cards in a pail and have the students take turns pulling a card.

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is a sample of my Reptiles Graph It from last week in action. My kinders worked in groups to create graphs and write sentences about the data.