Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Freebie and a Picnic


What a fun time of year it is! School is ending soon or already - which means I'm cleaning and organizing my classroom and the kids are getting excited to be first graders. It also means the end of the year picnic (where we are having pizza).

With Summer, Memorial
Day and the end of the year, I started readers for My Picnic.... And it took me forever to decide
what went in them. What is a picnic? a basket and a blanket in the park, a church outing, a grill and
burgers, a barbeque? I searched and searched clipart and graphics. And I am done several readers later. So check them out along with their Writing and Math centers. :)

Your freebie is one non-repetitive text reader on....picnic baseball summer Father's Day. Ever since putting out the My Mom line for Mother's Day, this set of products has been waiting. I actually did a My Dad Write the Room in my classroom along with My Mom. At conferences, those pictures were still up and one dad pointed them out to his son "that looks like me and you". Enjoy the freebie.

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