Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wow Wednesday Linky Math

I love to decompose - not the rotting log kind - the number kind. There are so many different activities and ways to represent numbers. As we have worked with different numbers (especially ten), we have explored combinations that create those numbers.
We talk extensively about "and 1 more" and yes we work on ten frames all the time. How many more do we need to get to ten?

Then came the time in the year, our school district said we should start addition. We started by making cowboy hats and gluing addition words on them. We talked about the vocabulary. We made lassos (out of pipe cleaners) to capture the numbers altogether.

And they did a great job.

We used our lassos on counters and dominoes. We drew our dominoes on whiteboards and wrote number sentences to match. We flipped them over and found the sister problems.

Today, we played this Domino Pond game with dominoes, number bonds and number sentences. You can pick up the board and recording sheets for free.


  1. We've yet to use our dominoes and this is the perfect time to bring them out. Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. No. problem. We usually bring them out earlier in the year but with all the snow.... : ) They are great for "draw to solve" because they are quick and easy to draw. : ) Thank you for commenting.