Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently and a Freebie

Last week was crazy busy. Fieldtrips, assemblies, lots of PD and prepping to give PD meant I had a blog post half done for Friday but not the pictures. : ( Then the stomach flu hit me....and by hit I mean ran over me with a caravan of big rigs. Now, it is Friday once again. So I have a freebie for you : ) and May Currently.

Listening - Wild Kratts;  We are researching Sea Creatures (we had hands-on fun with some crabs last week on our fieldtrip). Our go to source is PebbleGo database. It doesn't always give us the in-depth information we want for some of our inquiry questions so I like to know a lot myself as well as collect as many books on the animals. And this week, we couldn't get on PebbleGo. Oh, know. We had to rely on the books we had with information on dolphins. We quickly learned that different sources give us different kinds of information. What should one of my students suggest but a show they like...Wild Kratts. Oh yeah, I have some of their DVDs. We loved learning about groundhogs with them. Now, I'm listening to them on HuluKids to catch up on my animal facts. 

Thinking - wasn't that enough thinking for the day? : ) I wonder what freebie is lurking at the bottom of this post?

Loving - my puzzle kids - My non-school thought. My youngest decided she wanted to put together a wooden puzzle. She is a little young for free form 25 piece puzzles but she was super excited to do it. She ended up enlisting her brother (who was a puzzle king at her age). It was so much fun to get involved in their conversation. 

Wanting - more naptime to recover from this bug

Needing - Last week, I assisted part 1 of our school's iPad training. Next week, I get to give part 2 as part of my eCoach job. I'm not an apple girl and keeping using the wrong motions. lol. I have to run updates on them all and become more comfortable with them. We had to label and organize the cart and these heavy duty cases. 

Surprise - This one is link to another blogger's idea we love. This would be terribly hard to select except...I just used a great writing product Spring Lift-the-Flap from Smart Kids Blog    TPT last week (some of the pictures I didn't take). The kids used them easily and love the hide-and-seek aspect. 
Spring Lift-the-Flap Writing Prompts
We used the Bird Builder one after a presentation on rescue predator birds sponsored by our PTA. We close read pictures of different types of birds. We also talked about the habitats for each type of nest and how we would impact them. They came up with great ideas and loved drawing and labeling the materials under the flap.

Freebie Fridays

Now for your Freebie.

Bubble Pop! Addition Squares
Includes a single digit page, larger number page and blank bubbles. 

Real quick - play it your way game.

Each student uses their own color. Students connect two bubbles by adding them. They try to complete the squares as well to write their initials. 

Another way to play, pick a bubble. Tell how many more to make 10 (you can have them use addition or subtraction equations). If they are write they color it in their color to pop the bubble.

Another way, find two bubbles that make 10. Color them to pop.  Try to have more bubbles popped than your friend. Bubbles will be left over.

Have a great week. I'm off to sleep and then computer work for school tomorrow.
-- Jenn


  1. I am definitely an Apple girl! And if you keep working with those iPads you will be converted, too!!!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  2. Aw, thanks friend! I'm so glad your kiddos liked the writing prompts.
    Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading