Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently January and Hope

Joining up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for January's Currently.
So it is okay that I double blogged today to get the freebie post and Currently both in : )

Listening: to the creak of the rope on

 our new therapy swing
Grandma bought the kids an inyard therapy swing and when the kids are quiet and one of them is using it, you can hear the rope. It is a blessing for my sensory kids so it is a sweet sound to this momma's ears.
Loving: having my husband home this week. Amazingly we had vacation days off together - it was a great idea he had.
Thinking: Is the dryer done? I'm waiting for my mattress pad and sheets to dry so I can hit the hay.
Wanting: to create more projects Creating is good for my soul and I like to share it. My school is piloting their own curriculum and being very structured about materials of instruction. Most of what I've made isn't a unit or polished to share yet. At home, we have had a very busy year. I've been immersed in autism blogs and research and OT. I have an autistic child and one with sensory issues and school wasn't going so smoothly but we've made some changes...
One Little Word: Hope
I tried on a few fonts for hope because isn't hope a little curvy. : )

Here's hoping 2016 is a bright year for you all.


  1. I love your "one little word" ... hope! It doesn't disappoint! I teach high school but I have always been in awe of kindergarten teachers! Hoping your January is full of fun and laughter!

  2. Hi Jenn! That is great you and your family (hubby included) were able to spend extra time together over the break! My hubby was home, and we enjoyed having him here, too. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    Right Down the Middle with Andrea

  3. Hope is a great 'one little word.' Good luck with creating your projects.

  4. Hope is a wonderful word, definitely what we need! I love that you have a therapy swing; your kids must love it! Happy New Year!