Sunday, January 3, 2016

One More Sleep

One more sleep...until school starts again. We've enjoyed this break and I'm all for heading back tomorrow if only winter wasn't joining us so early in the morning. Glad for multiple alarm clocks.

I polished up and posted to TPT this Magnetic Sounds & Science unit with literacy and exploration centers - see the preview for some examples. It is on sale right now for $2.

Forces, Magnets, Push & Pull themes
Literacy and Exploration centers including recording sheets

Sort the Cards – Magnetic, Partly, Not
Cut & Paste – Magnetic or Not
Foldables for cut and paste pictures or discovery drawings from investigations – Magnetic & Push/Pull

Magnet Match – Each player gets a letter magnet. Take turns turning over cards to find the matching picture (beginning and final sounds – m, g, n, k, l, p); 2 cut and paste recording sheets
Magnet Clips – Odd Rhyme Out – Put a clothespin on the picture that doesn’t rhyme; Recording sheet included
Magnetic Sounds – Pick a card and write the sound on a magnet on the board. Color and black/white. Beginning sounds – f h j k l r w z. End sounds:-d t s f k p n l b g m v
Word Wall Search – Glue or write word wall words on a paper magnet Then use to find words as they read in library or big books.
Sequence & Write – Unscramble the sentence. Then write your own and illustrate.(Magnet, Push, Pull)
Vocabulary Stamp – Stamp the words

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