Saturday, June 1, 2013

Freebie on the First of June

Wow. It is June. Time for Freebie on the First and Five for Fraturday. :)

ONE - Freebie. Let's start out with dessert. I have a free set of review games where the students match the scoops of ice cream onto cones. This little sampler has short vowel picture match, fact families within 5 and some sight words we've used at the end of the year. Download from Google Drive here.

We are studying different types of Art. We learned about tessellations and designed our own using pattern blocks. We found some great sites to use on our Smartboard but you can use with just a mouse. Check out Tessellation Town and PBS Let's Tessellate.  Then we used Illuminations Dynamic Paper to create sheets which we printed and colored in patterns using markers.
We also did coordinate graphing from Making Learning Fun and then designed our own pictures using square grid paper (kinda like a tile mosaic). Yes, it was a challenge for some of us but we are enjoying finding new ways to make things.

This week, we used the Hidden Sight Words by Heidi's Songs. What a great way to practice sight words and visual discrimination. Since it is a given in our class that the back of our breakfast work gets a sentence, we had some great mini-lessons on writing. When we did the word said, we focused on quotation marks. She said quotation mark blah blah blah blah quotation mark. We also had a mini-lessons on was and were. We decided which pronouns went with which verb. Then the class wrote sentences using was and were - which of course meant "ing" popped up. Our writing is growing by leaps and bounds.

Just 2 more weeks of school including our fieldtrip to the woods and field day fun. :)

Don't forget to check out Friday's freebie as well.
Enjoy your June.

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