Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite Teacher Linky

My Favorite Teacher

Tell about your favorite teacher and explain why.  Share a memory or two.
Wow. This is a hard one because I was blessed with many great teachers (not that I am that old <cough>). There was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Brown, who was retiring and noticed with a smile and a chuckle that I was always listening in on her reading groups (and took steps to find me a challenge) and all my HS English teachers who were quirky in their own ways that inspired me to succeed. For this post, I will pick my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Koon. She would refer to us as Miss or Mister, assign us to be "buddies" or teachers to the other students, & a million little things that inspired me to take pride in what I knew and be humble about learning from others. I remember doing a lot of partner work and different strategies used to group us. Many years later I came home with my teaching degree and was subbing at my old elementary school. I took a long term sub job in 4th grade and she was the lead teacher in 3rd (and her son was in my class). She was a great resource and inspiring to me again as a teacher.
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  1. It sounds like you were lucky to have a lot of great teachers. It is amazing that you could go back and work with your former teacher and teach her son. That must have been exciting!

    Polliwog Place