Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rhym-ominoes Freebie Friday

In all the rhyming games I've been working on, I created a game freebie. Rhym-ominoes. This freebie is a set of 24 "domino" cards. There are 4 word families (-et, -en, -at, -an). Each has 4 picture choices. 8 dominoes are doubles (same word family on both sides).
I printed them to play with my daughter. Here is a picture of one of our games. She really likes to see if we can play into a rectangle.

We played a couple of ways. Each of us started with 6 dominoes and turned over the starter domino from the draw pile. We also played where we divided the dominoes up evenly from the start (12 each). This was our favorite.
You play like dominoes where you match one half to a piece on the playing area - to make a match, it has to rhyme (but can't be the same picture).

I also added in a "key" sheet showing which pictures were in each rhyme family to support struggling readers during independent play. I created this after playing with my son. You can use it to pre-teach the pictures (be sure to have them say the words each time to reinforce).
The rhym-onimoes can also be sorted as rhyme and not a rhyme prior to playing to help work on discriminating rhyming sounds. If you prefer a horizontal format, you can use the cards from my Rhyme It: Rhyme or No Rhyme Pocket Chart Center.

My kids also played these with me this week. I printed different size sets. The first picture shows the size in the pack for use with hanging pocket charts. The second picture shows them printed 2 per page if you use smaller charts or stand alone triangle charts like in my pictures. We like to use this size in centers and in small group to save space. You can work with one vowel or mix them up when picking rhyme families to focus on.
Hope you and yours enjoy as much as we did! If you download, please leave a comment. Don't forget to pop on over to TBA for Freebie Friday.

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  1. Love this freebie and love that you found home in Kindergarten. I am a special education teacher that loves creating Kinder materials and loves working with the younger kiddos:) I nominated your blog for the Leibster award for newer bloggers that deserve a shout out:) link back to my blog to find out more and accept:)