Sunday, October 13, 2013

Candy Corn Sound Sorts & TPT Sale

Did you know TPT is having a sale to celebrate followers on Facebook? Use coupon code FB100K for an additional 10% off. What a day for my internet to be down, right?
It is "working" (knocking on wood now) so my store is on sale and my newest product is also up - Candy Corn Sorts. If you liked the turkey feather freebie from Friday, you'll love this one.

I've been creating things recently for use in my classroom and with my kids but not whole units. It has been a busy year. Not to mention World's biggest fieldtrip coming up this week and a cold that won't quit. I put together this unit to cover some of the most popular sounds from the beginning of the year. Each sound sort has between 8 and 24 cards. Candy corn pieces can be printed full size or 2 per sheet. Sounds included - /s/ /p/ /k/ /b/ /f/ /t/ /n/ /m/
Differentiate by using just initial sounds or just final sounds or a mix of both. Cards are organized by sounds so you print what you want. The pictures are blackline on colored candy corn to save on colored ink.
Customize by how you play the game. You can use mats or attached mats to a bag as a goody bag or use another sorting container (I'm sure no one has as many little pumpkin containers as me : ). You can even use the pieces by themselves. My son is working on /s/ sounds in speech class so I'm just using /s/ and s-blends with him. We are practicing stretching the words like ghosts on our turns.
Ways to Play: Search for a Sound: Lay candy corn upside down. Players each take a mat with a focus sound. Players take turns turning over a card and saying the name of the picture - stretching it like a ghost. If it matches their mat, they keep it.
Sort the Sounds: Lay out candy corn upside down. Make “goody bags” with different focus sounds. Set up the bags in a row. Each player takes a turn turning over a card, saying the name of the picture (stretching the sound like a ghost), and putting it in the correct bag.


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