Thursday, October 10, 2013

Turkey Feather Sounds Freebie

Here is a little freebie using Creative Clips' Gobble Gobble set. Players match the feather with the picture to the correct turkey. You can use the color version or the black and white version. Long ago, I made a set with feathers made out of construction paper and peanut shaped turkey bodies. It was time to switch to clipart. : ) You can also have the students cut and paste the blackline versions and glue in a notebook or on paper. This freebie is just /s/ and /p/ for the sounds we are working on in kindergarten right now. My son is working on /s/ for his Speech homework so this is a fun way for him to practice. I hope some of you can use it! (and that I have more time soon to make some bigger units for sale).

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