Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently and a Super Sale Weekend


Listening: My son isn't one to read aloud. He is an emergent reader but Ten Little Monkeys jumped out at him. He read it to me on the couch, to the cat and to his little sister at the kitchen table. Then she followed him upstairs where he read it to her again.
Loving: It made my heart swell to see him read but even more to hear him read to her. She was so sweet pulling a chair up for him to read to her. She is just starting to have the patience to listen to an entire story.
Thinking about making a to-do list. The one in my head is super long and the weekend is half over.
Wanting to get started on that to-do list. However, my mom was able to visit for the first time in several months. We have been making visits to see her as she cares for my grandmother and we talk on the phone. More important to stop and spend time with her than housework.
Needing a nap. My littlest one has been sick with a cough that kept her up at night. She is feeling better but I'm still a few days behind on sleep. : )
2 truths and a fib: I did spend hours giving PD this week on technology to help the upper grade teachers create practices for reading, note taking and answering questions on the computer as well as creating in Pixie and Smart. The best thing was all the ideas they generates. A few I am excited to get started on. Although I do miss my clipart when working in Smart. :( My fib is speaking French. Our school adopted French as a language for grades 1-5 instruction but I totally can't pick it up. I use the French die in Smart when we play class games just to hear the numerals. : )
Sale & a freebie

My husband is sad that he will be working and miss the big game but the kids and I will be watching. My TPT store is on sale this weekend and I even...uploaded a freebie. As we were all redoing our Math workstations this week, it was a request from my teammates to make the 100 cut and paste in color for a laminated puzzle. Download here from TPT.
Check out my recent units for Valentine (and groundhog) fun.
Am linking this 100th Day freebie up with TBA's Freebie Friday (a day late). It was neat to see the featured freebie this week was from Coast to Coast ( a blog I love to follow). Don't forget to stop on by TBA to find some freebies and leave feedback. Teachers are the best sharers ever.
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  1. Your little ones sound precious. I hope you can sneak a nap in. :)

  2. So nice that you got to spend time with your mom. My dad lives a couple of hours away and I make sure to have dinner with him every couple of weeks. Time goes so quickly and we need to cherish the small moments. I can totally hear your son singing that book to his sister, priceless!

    Crockett's Classroom, Forever in Third Grade