Friday, February 21, 2014

Five for Friday & Last Day of GiveAway

We have had a lot of fun this week....and I actually have pictures : )
1. Our summative projects for our Community Unit.
These turned out great. They had to pick a place with its people that provided a good or service to the community. Everyone had to select a different one. They drew the front of the building and ...the insides. They turned out awesome.

2. Valentine's Day
Tuesday - Valentine's Make-up Day. Here is a picture of my own children's valentines for their classes.
3. Valentine's Day Numberlines
We got out the big hop on it numberline. So everyone had a turn playing, we found numbers, rolled a die and hopped that many spaces. We even tried moving before and after...but we couldn't move less than 0. The next day, we used the numberline that went to 20 to find numbers before and after on this page.
Time got away from me before I published We {heart} Numbers as a unit (I was totally focused on getting We {heart} Vowels on TPT. So, this can be today's freebie. It has the Valentine's one for next year and a St Patty's Day one for this year. Graphics Artists Featured - you guessed it: Kari Bolt & EduClips.
4. 100th Day Projects
 Friday - 100th Day; Best part was our home projects. Their mission: find and count 100 of the same object (in sets of ten), put in a mystery bag (one that we can't see in), write 3 clues on the bag. This was one of their homework assignments for the last two weeks. Their complaint: I don't have a bag. My answer: How can you solve that problem - think of different types of bags. Their answer: wonderful. They brought stockings, reused their valentine's bags, used reusable bags, shopping bags and more. Each student stood up and shared their clues one at a time. Then they were able to call on a classmate to guess what they brought. (Listening and Speaking as well as Talent Development). Plus...they love this. A few people shared each day.
5. Training, Training, Training
I had training to give accommodations for a student for our upcoming state test - two mornings in a row. Best training was after school - Kindergarten Math training. We got gifts - a book & ten frame trains (which I opened immediately and played with). The training was on mainly on subitizing. Ten frames were featured. We love ten frames in my class. Check out these pictures of us doing shake and drop from my Red & Gold unit. Shake it high, Shake it low, Shake it left, Shake it right, Slow Slow Slow, Drop. This is one of the recording sheets we used featuring number bonds.

I am linking up with TBA's Freebie Friday. Stop on by and check out everyone else's freebies too. : )

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