Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Technology Tuesday: How SMART is Your PDF?

How SMART is your PDF?
At a recent staff PD at my school, I presented something similar to this. I thought you all might be interested in how to use your pdf games in Smart Notebook.

Remember, you use these for personal classroom use not to give away or resell. You can't take a pdf and modify it in Smart to give (or sell) someone else.

These examples use my own materials (Kari Bolt clipart). I will show you two ways to "print" to Smart and several ways to interact. : )

I prefer using Screen Capture over Print. Just a personal preference.
You can also use your print dialogue (it may look different).

Now you have a picture of the page from your pdf. Let's make it interactive.
Add dice or a spinner for fun Math games. We'll add dice. 
Add counters to cover.
You can make the counters out of shapes.
Or you can just play on your printables.
What do you think?
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