Friday, July 11, 2014

Camp Friday

We Like To Camp
Did you grow up camping? Are you a tent camper, a sleep under the stars camper, a cabin or lodge dweller or {gasp} only an RV will do for me? Do the students you teach camp?

I grew up camping each summer in a lodge, RV, tent or cabin. We did family church camp each year growing up - which I loved. This year, my eldest child went to overnight camp. 

She picked out the spinner items on the last freebie earlier this week. 

I used those spinner choices in the Roll, Say, Keep game board in my new units. Campers Can...Say the ABCs is my TPT store now. Check out my facebook page for a chance to win it through Saturday evening.

Today is Freebie Friday and of course, I have another freebie for you. This is a simple mini-reader featuring "like" and "we".

Be sure to check out everyone's freebies linked up with TBA.
Freebie Fridays

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