Friday, June 14, 2013

5 for Friday and a Freebie

It is time to link up to Freebie Friday and Five For Friday.

1. It was the students' last day today. It totally snuck up on me. Bittersweet to see them go and exciting how much they have grown this year. Plus, my son has passed me up and is no longer in Kindergarten.
2. It is spring cleaning in June. Every day after school this week I have been working on organizing my cabinets and trying to fit my books in closets so the custodians can move the furniture to clean the floors. I actually love this time because I never seem to get the time to organize during the school year.
3. Ashley Hughes is having a DOTD and I picked up a few things - not as much as I'd like :) But I did make a freebie... Alpha Kids Cards - These playing cards can be used to match capital and lower case letters or with a board game. Have the students pull a letter and identify something that starts with that letter. They could be used with a mini word wall or magnetic letter center. I spent forever deciding which color outfits went with what backgrounds before I decided. I love this pattern. Click here.

4. Animal Alphabet Puzzles
Pink Cat Studio made an add-on to her animal clipart so there was an animal for each of the letters of the alphabet. W was whale which we use for wh. I emailed her and she was so nice. She added walrus in for w. I made puzzles for each letter of the alphabet that are up on TPT. I have been working on cards and some other puzzles with this set as well.
5. Not A Stick - We read this book in class and made our own drawings using craft sticks to not-a-stick. It was so much fun. The students really enjoy the book and came up with a lot of fun ideas.
Have a great weekend. Time for me to rest and get ready for more Spring cleaning Monday.

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