Friday, June 28, 2013

Counting Kids, Calendar Pieces and Friday Freebie

Five For Friday - Summer Time

1 This weekend, I had my first sunburn and it is peeling...let's just say I am over 30 and should know better. :)

2 We loved visiting the grandparents at the beach. I got my exercise chasing the little one from sand to waves to sand. And how cute was it when she grabbed a boogie board and headed down the sand for the surf.

3 That little one has decided to use a spoon and fork for every meal ...and off everyone's plate.

4 I have been working on this same project since the weekend off and on.
In making Alpha Kids Games and Printables and Counting Kids Write the Math Room, I started a dozen different activities with the graphics. I've had a terrible time
deciding on colors and patterns. Of course, my children all pick different ones and my husband says make them all. All the free papers Ashley has had this week just add to my delightful confusion. So after more versions of Counting Kids Calendar Pieces than I should count (some counting kids printables and posters), I switched to August/September Calendar Pieces with you guessed it - more Ashley Hughes graphics. Enter school supplies (including a set with weekday and weekend pieces) and spotted apples. Watch for the Football Kids later on as well.

5 It is the Freebie.....a calendar piece set in the preview download. Enjoy this sampler. AB Pattern with pencils on a star background.

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  1. Cute calendar pieces!! Found you on the freebie friday linky party and I'm your newest follower!

    Cheers To School