Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five for Friday and TPT Gift

Five for Friday Saturday
1.This week we talked about Transportation around the world! We read the book On The Go from our reading program and explored Google Earth to find the different places. We read in online databases about different environments and matched different types of transportation to the environments best suited.  Our favorite mode...rickshaws and snowshoes. We looked through pictures from around the world of all kinds of rickshaws.
2. We used my Let's Go Mini-Readers and writing in small group. We put dots under the picture words and underlined the verbs. We talked about vowels as we introduced up and down. The kinders love to be able to write in their readers and to take them home to read and bring back.
3. As part of our writing this week, the kinders had to select 3 modes of transportation to add to their picture and write at least three sentences. They were really interested in this writing assignment. We conferenced on using different types of sentence structure. My class loves to write questions and answer them.

4. It is my birthday. (You might have seen the sale and rafflecopter.) I got to attend a wreath making seminar without the kids and to take the kids to a make a craft session. I love the table piece I made it good. All three kids loved trying their hands at different crafts and made fast friends with the ladies running the craft tables. My son used washable paints and markers to paint a train engine for his grandpa's Christmas display. My 2 year old wore the mini wreath she made as a necklace and my eldest designed a basket.

5. As a thank you to those who purchase my products, I am offering a gift with purchase to every one who purchases at least $4 from my store from December 1 to 25th and emails me at with their TPT username and dates of purchase by January 6th. It will be a new item that is not currently in my TPT store and will not be sent out until after December 25th.

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