Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Christmas Freebie

As promised, I have a Christmas freebie for you today - bring your own dice style.
I've been designing roll and covers in a new style. You have one board for roll and cover (or to play bump). Instead of changing the die or adding a spinner, there is a key. Each child in a game can use the same key or differentiate. Do you have a student who needs to match the dots on a die to the numeral and another who is practicing adding working at the same center? They can work together with the same board.
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  1. I love how you differentiated this one. What a great find at Manic Monday!

    1. Thanks! My co-workers were talking about Math centers and making new game mats for different level students and I thought what if you only had to print one board but different people could use it. : ) I posted a Winter Cover It! collection to TPT with multiple keys and 7 different themes.