Thursday, December 5, 2013

Little Reindeer Friday Freebie

Do you have a story you love to read this time of year? I have a ton. I love to read The Little Reindeer.
If you have read this story, you know the pictures are amazing for teaching perspective and writing. The little reindeer is dropped on the boy's rooftop in the city where he cares for him and they fly over the city. My favorite part is the boy feeding the reindeer. I have had my students draw and write in response to the story in past years and it is always a great activity. This year, I made a cut and paste sentence page. When I give my students the cut and paste. They sequence the given sentence but write one of their own related to the sentence they sequence.
Click here to download the 2page freebie from google docs. If you like the format, check out my recent TPT items Let's GO mini-readers and We Snow Love to Read and Write.
Linking up with TBA. and with Paula's Place for her Storybook Saturday.
Have a great weekend.

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