Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday - Martin & Maps

We focused on Martin for three days this week during Social Studies. (We also had Dibels and Running Records and worked on MAPS as part of our community unit).
1.  In case you missed it, here is the freebie I posted on the 15th. Kind Like Martin. which I am linking up to Freebie Friday! at TBA.

My lovely daughters coloring the pictures.

My daughter modeling the kindness crown.

Using it as a sort in a flipbook. Have the students add their own picture and write labels.
2. Here are some of our community of kindness flowers inspired by Little Bill's Thank You, Dr. King

3. We also used parts of Hello Two Peas in a Pod's January Phonemic Awareness lesson (these are great because the words align with the text and they are premade) and read Martin's Big Words (I love love the pictures).

4. We took a different spin on close reading by using the spotlight tool in our Smart Tools with our Scholastic Lets Find Out Read to Me. We circled "Dr. King" and "he" so we could talk about the details of what he did. We also studied the photos and looked for a word to match (ie. march). The kinders picked out details that were in the text or were not (ie. we didn't know if he was tall because it wasn't in the text).
5. Here are some of the great maps of their bedrooms in different stages of creation.

Growing up in my generation in an area where neighborhoods were still segregated, this has always been an important topic for me and  in my class. Now I teach in a school with an ESL population with 53 different native languages, some students from the near by military base, a population from section 8 housing, and a variety of other housing including trailer parks, older townhouses & ones that cost more than my house, apartments, and established neighborhoods. It brings a different dimension to talking about segregation, civil rights and a minister who had a dream.
Have a great long weekend!

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