Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RAC and a freebie

Had to share this Random Acts of Kindness.

Our Dibels window opened Monday & there was a free building sub…whom I grabbed! Whoot. This never happens. I am so excited to have gotten through testing my class – although my brain is mush.

So it definitely time for a freebie for you all. (Totally planned this yesterday but I couldn't decide which one to use and had to make credit pages.)
A new thing I made for my class are these simple sentence pages. The students find and circle the picture vocabulary from the theme. You can have them do all kinds of things with it. Here they are asked to highlight punctuation (! ? .) something we are always working on remembering in our writing. In my readers, I like to have the kinders use colored pencil to put a dot under a picture word, trace a focus word (word wall), underline the action word, etc… This helps us look closely at the sentence but on rereads helps with fluency (oh yeah there is that period). The sentences are simple with only a few words but not the same predictable text. The kids then use one or more of the words in their own sentences. The freebie is a MLK vocabulary sheet so it has more difficult words using the clipart from EduClips.
This format is in my Read, Write and Count Around Town. I should have the Winter Sports ones finalized with credits and loaded to TPT by this weekend (and I'll do a flash freebie then).
Have a great week!

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