Friday, January 24, 2014

Groundhog Roll & Read Freebie

1. A holiday, 2 snow days and 2 late days meant lots of time at home with my kids.

2. My two year old is into coloring now so I printed out some of the Valentine's books from this set for her to color.
She is so proud to bring you her picture (totally one color) when she is done. I tried showing her how to hold the paper with one hand so it doesn't move...she found tracing her hand to be great. : ) Love having my girls sit at the table and color (or do homework) together. Both my girls love Fancy Nancy so we also had glitter everywhere....and I mean everywhere this week. 2. My son prefers games...anything with rolling dice is up his alley.

We made this adorable freebie to practice reading fluency and speaking.

3. In the classroom, we've been using a similar version from my units Winter Sports Word Games & Read, Write & Count Around Town.

The kinders have theirs in sleeves so they can use different color wipe off markers to mark their words. I paired this up with listening center so after they listen to a story & write about it, they get a reading game. (My students have three workstations each day - one required and 2 optional). Once they all play through, they'll take home a blackline version for family games. Do you send home game boards with your students?

4. We introduce sounds in the order they are in Treasures reading although our literacy program is based on our PYP. We have worked on short a, short I and short o. During assessment this month, we found they were doing awesome with initial sound fluency but we are struggling with vowel sounds. Wait until you see the We {Heart} Vowels game pieces and sorts I'm working on to help us hear these sounds. (Okay...I can't stand suspense...a peek at the same game as the freebie. My own kids practiced long vowels with me. The rest of the pack is similar to my Candy Corn Sorts from Halloween).

5. Can I add in food? Do you cook risotto? What is your favorite ingredient to add? I usually add spinach to this but I'm thinking sliced up omelets.
We have a three day week next and I am aiming for symmetry craft with groundhogs (one of my favs), some Chinese New Year Math (two sided counters work great with red and gold) and to finish these workstations so my write the room changes from our Community theme to Winter Sports (Yeah!). Have a great week!
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  1. Thanks for the freebie, I can't wait to use it!