Friday, April 11, 2014

Buggy About Addition {and a freebie}

Five new Math units (Can you find the freebie?) posted this week that I'm buggy about.
I am presenting later this month to my school district. I created two games for the presentation but I couldn't wait to share with you. I'm just buggy about them. Both can be used along with a study of insects or connect to the story Ten Flashing Fireflies. 

The first is a Shake and Drop decomposition unit. Ten Little Fireflies

The second is a race to the top game with a twist. Versions include missing addend, making tens, roll 2 dice, and more. Fill the Jar.  

Here are a couple examples of how to use race to the top with rekenreks. Some of my students used a single line to make "seeing" the ten easier. In the examples, we are using the missing addend version from Easter Treats Math Printables. The sum was 10 and the addends were missing. When we had Math meeting, a few students explained why they would have chosen a different material like PPW-Plates and 2 sided counters. For some students that are easily distracted by their manipulatives, the rekenrek contains them and easily slides up the problems.
 Reading the problem with their partner ALOUD before trying to solve to really think about where the = and + were placed.

We've been investigating patterns and cycles in nature so I infused it into our Math...and graphing life cycles was hatched. This unit includes spin and graphs (similar to the Easter Sweets freebie) as well as count and graphs. Life cycles included - ladybug, butterfly, frog, carrot, chicken, salmon, sea turtle. Life Cycles Graph It!

Add it all up and you get a new freebie...Spin and Graph Buggy Style

I'm off to finish up our last day before Spring break & linking up with TBA Freebie Friday and The Primary Gal's Friday Free-For-All

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