Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bunny's Basket Freebie

Bunny’s Basket
I misplaced March somewhere. It is already April and almost Easter. I love to pull out the plastic eggs for making sight words, matching rhymes, and counting. I even miss teaching how to count money hidden in eggs. This year, we were knee-deep in investigating plants and soil and how it all relates to the seasons. 

With one week left before Spring Break, we need to have some Bunny time. Some old favorites...and new ones.
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I'm sure you have a few! Feel free to share in the comments: ).

So I have a quick little freebie for you. 
Bunny has an armful of eggs. What happens next? Do they make it into his basket or break on the floor? 
You decide and write about it. (As a kid, I loved the you books with the multiple endings when you decided what happened. Of course, I read them all.)
This can be a writing center or breakfast food.
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Dreaming of bunnies...

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