Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday Vacation Style & Apple Sounds

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Five for Friday- The last few weeks
1. We went on vacation for 2 days to the BEACH. The sand was too cold for toes but we had fun running up and down it and into the waves.
 2.We went to the pool while visiting PapPap. Always use your noodle.

3. I packed up my old classroom getting ready to move into a new one. After moving a few things (including lots of books) in random containers, I to buy packing boxes. Now to get it all organized and into my new classroom.

4. I worked on our county technology connections with some great ladies - formatting, linking, and lots more.

5. A new unit and freebie.
Teachers will use anything to make centers ...especially kitchen supplies. Last year, I made a candy corn phonics center using pie plates. The kids loved sorting into the plates. This made me remember peeling apples and making pies with my grandmother. For this Fall, I made apple sounds sorts with fun sorting mats including ...pie plates.

You can cut the pieces into squares or apple shapes, sort directly in the pie plates or use the apple crate mats.

Here we sorted onto a tree mat.and drew our own.

Check out the complete unit with over 450 apple cards to sort beginning and end sounds, 10 focus sounds with printables, & variety of sorting mats.

Click the preview to download the Freebie Sampler with sample apple cards featuring /m/ and /b/, sorting mat and printables.

Have a great week!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Match It!

Match It!
One of my most popular sets on TPT is 

It may be all about the pin:
because it gets re-pinned more than anything I have ever pinned but I  it may be the open book look. You can also check out the post Rhym-ominoes from last year (which contains a its own freebie). I've updated Rhyme It! with a few more printables. 

I also created a new unit in the same an expansion pack. The first is for the beginning of the year - Alphabet (letter to letter and letter to picture) and Beginning Sounds (picture to picture). 
Match It! Beginning Sounds

What can you do with these cards? Pocket Chart sort of course. 

How about baseball card slots? We put these sleeves in a binder and sorted the cards.

You could put the labels in an old dust jacket that just won't stay on your book & fold the bottom up to make pockets.

How about this for a quick assessment...
Ask the student to cover the matches and then tell you how they are alike.

When I started expanding, I really wanted one that was antonyms so....a forever freebie was created. Pick it up on TPT
I'm linking it up with TBA's Freebie Friday & classroom freebie's Manic Monday. Don't forget to check out the other freebie posts.
Have a great weekend.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Camp Friday

We Like To Camp
Did you grow up camping? Are you a tent camper, a sleep under the stars camper, a cabin or lodge dweller or {gasp} only an RV will do for me? Do the students you teach camp?

I grew up camping each summer in a lodge, RV, tent or cabin. We did family church camp each year growing up - which I loved. This year, my eldest child went to overnight camp. 

She picked out the spinner items on the last freebie earlier this week. 

I used those spinner choices in the Roll, Say, Keep game board in my new units. Campers Can...Say the ABCs is my TPT store now. Check out my facebook page for a chance to win it through Saturday evening.

Today is Freebie Friday and of course, I have another freebie for you. This is a simple mini-reader featuring "like" and "we".

Be sure to check out everyone's freebies linked up with TBA.
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