Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get Moving During Indoor Recess

Are your Kinders ready for Spring Break? Or maybe they are stuck inside due to cold weather? Or both?
For indoor recess today, we practiced our gross motor skills and snuck in some reading. We played Heidi Songs. Love them. Click here to visit her blog and here to visit her website.
We use the DVD. We get to stand in a U so everyone can see. As soon as the music on the menu starts, the kinders get excited. As they finish one song, they try and guess what the next word will be. Shouts of the word and cheers follow. They sing and dance along. With it being March and our weather unit, of course, we had to sing along with Sing and Spell #2 for Color Words. Other favorites include come and here which have been heard during writing. I've had a set of the DVDs 1-3 for a few years now and they are always a hit with the kinders...and my own three kiddos. So when I got home and my own children were wanting to go out and run around, what did we do?

In class, we love spelling sight words using motions no matter what time of day. Our most recent was Wind. We wave our hands in the air like the wind blowing while we spell the letters and mix them together for the word (like in the book The Wind Blew). Another March favorite is basketball where you dribble the letters and shoot the word. Do you have any favorite cheers, motions, songs or games for sight words?

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