Saturday, March 16, 2013

Short Vowel Races & Sale Linky

AEIOU, You can name them, too! I love word families - they rhyme, they chunk, and they help you read and spell more words. I have been creating a ton of activities with short e and u recently. There are so many ways for our kinders to play with them and so many skills they develop. We segment the sounds and compare how two words are alike. We substitute sounds to make new words. We learn new vocabulary. We practice listening and speaking skills. Slowly, I'm adding some to my TPT store for you. I created Short Vowel Races. For these games, the students spin a word family and move to the next space (picture or word) that is in that family. They either segment the word from the picture or decode the word. Then, they try to use it in a sentence. My rule is that if they don't know the word or picture, they can ask another player for help but then they must use it in a sentence. I like to play with my students before moving it to a center to introduce any new vocabulary to them and practice our speaking skills. You can have the students complete a follow-up activity like the ones I've included or write and illustrate 1 sentence they came up with during the game. The pictures and words included are mainly cvc words. How is this beneficial to those kinders who are already reading the cvc words? They can still play with the other students but they work on the complexity of their sentences.

If the leprechauns can share their gold (see my post here), so can we so I am linking up with Bedford, Love and Teaching for a BOGO sale. This is just for St Patrick's Day (Sunday, March 17, 2013). The terms are: 1. Purchase an item from my store. 2. Be sure to rate it. Feedback is great! 3. Pick an item of equal or lesser value from my store that you want to receive free (but do not put it in your cart). 4.Email me at prlhrbr at yahoo dot com with your TPT username, the name of the item you purchased and a link to the item you want free. 5. Enjoy!

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