Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Calendar Pieces Plus


It is Spring Break- the next day of Kindergarten will be in April & that means the dreaded calendar change. I changed my concept board before I left Friday but I wanted some fresh calendar numbers. And once I started, I created multiple options to choose from for my April and May calendars. Click on the image above or here to get them from TPT. Very cute Spring and Earth Day clipart from Creative Clips. What’s the plus mean, you ask. Games, of course!
Some possible activities: 1. Match the numerals. Play memory or go fish. Practice writing the numerals on whiteboards.
2. Draw a card and count on from that number. Practice printing the numerals that come after.
3. Put a set of numerals in order. You can differentiate by  giving a set of numerals that start at any number or ones that do not increase by 1 (ie all the flowers but not the birds). You can have the students sort in a pocket chart or use velcro on a long strip of tagboard or sentence strip. I have some of these made for visual schedules for students with special needs and they work great for sequencing numbers and stories.
4.Put the numeral cards in a bag or clean juice bottle. Shake. Pull a card and make that number using base ten blocks. My son had the delightful idea to use two paper plates to shake. He came up with it as a way not to lose the die in board games but it works here as well. You turn one paper plate upside down on the other and put the item to shake in the middle. Seasonal containers work as well. Spring baskets with butterflies on them from Walmart’s  Easter section, perhaps?
5. Put a selection of cards in a pocket chart and play guess my number. Differentiate by giving clues using Math vocabulary (greater than, between, 2 more than) or having students lead. Turn cards over to help students who have difficulty keeping track and to show that greater than means all the numbers greater than. Hide a picture behind the mystery number to find the secret flower or sleeping bee. 
See I told you...once I get started. : ) What other ideas can you think of for using numeral cards?

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