Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Madness Subtraction Style and a Freebie

What kinder doesn't love manipulatives and games? Check out my new TPT store to download a subtraction roll and cover freebie and my bundled subtraction unit just in time for March Madness.
This is one of the differentiated roll and subtract mats available in the freebie. To introduce the mats and the concept that they were subtracting from ten, I phtotocopied the mats in black and white for each student. (That way they have one to take home to play with their family.) I'd say hold up ten and we'd all get our fingers ready and up in the air. One kinder would roll the die and the rest of us would fold down that number of fingers. How many are left? Then together we would say the subtraction sentence. We would all cover the difference (the number left on our hands). Then another kinder would get to roll. We practiced the language of Math. The next step was to partner up. If one partner rolled the die, the other held up their fingers. I moderated and helped different kinders. Did someone say assessment? Yep. Now I knew who I needed to work more with and introduce the a mat like this:
or who could use a different subtraction die. I have a special set of different colored cubes I wrote numbers on to differentiate. My bundle also includes dice and spinners to match. Now my kinders were ready for the game to be placed at centers. They quickly made it their own. Two players each took their own game mats, rolled, said the subtraction sentence and cover the difference on their own mats. The winner was the one that covered all the places first. Ready to grow - they started recognizing that if they rolled 4, it was 10-4=6 and if they didn't have a 6 left to cover they could say your turn. :)

To celebrate the opening of my TPT store (and blog) not to mention joining up with the March Madness sale of other Kinder bloggers, I have put the TPT store on sale 20% through March 11th.


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