Friday, April 19, 2013

Freebie Friday Base Ten & Dominos

Freebie Friday Again!

Here is a free sample of base ten cards and worksheets with an Earth Day theme. Earth Day Base Ten Freebie Google Drive Check out my Fish & Friends version for more cards and follow-up.

Wednesday's post here talked about Flip It target number versions. Today's post has pictures of my own children playing (Yeah, I remembered to take and download pics).

Let's talk about Flip It Match It and Flip It Greater Than. These work with a variety of game cards or Dominoes. Who doesn't love dominoes?

Flip It! Greater Than With Dominoes:

Divide the dominoes evenly between the players (2-4 players).
Each player keeps their dominoes upside down in a row. (If you use cards, they stack them).
One player says flip. Each player turns over the domino first in their row at the same time. Players say the addition sentence for their domino.
The player with greatest sum collects all the dominos in the center and put them at the end of his own row. Repeats until 1 player runs out of dominos. The player with the most dominos wins.
If you play 2 player game and both have the same sum, the dominos stay in and the winner of the next flip gets all 4 dominos.

My own children played this greater than game with base ten cards. We mixed it up with some base ten block cards and some expression cards. They had to use different strategies depending on the card flipped over. You can see they used cards with base ten blocks, ten frames and expressions in the pictures here (from my Fish & Friends Base Ten game).
At first, my kinder son counted on from ten and then he realized he recognized the arrangements or perhaps he was just caught up in the speed of the game. Don't forget to remind them to use Math language when playing. My daughter is well trained at this from school and gives an explanation for everything -she can justify like no one's business :) "There is 1 ten and 3 ones on this side and 2 ones on this side, 3 and 2 is 5 and 10 and 5 is 15"

Flip It! Match It!
Differentiate by selecting the type of cards for students to work with. Lay out cards for students to turn over. On your turn, turn over 2 cards. If they are the same number (sum, difference, dots, ten frame, base ten, numeral), you get to keep them.

This is great for looking at Standards of Mathematical Practices as players develop the knowledge that numbers can be named and represented in different ways as use math language to justify their matches.

We love playing these games with different variations. Hope you do, too!