Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lost Tooth & New Game

He's growing up! My son lost his first tooth...and I do mean lost. He lost his tooth while running around playing with his baby sister and he didn't notice where. : )

He is also the inspiration behind the My Pets materials. He is learning to read and I've been tailoring leveled readers/booklets with interactive activities. We made this one with a cut and paste which he just had to do.
He got scissors and cut out the pictures only to find the glue stick he'd grabbed from the drawer was dried out. Did he go get a new one? Nope. He decided we'd play a matching game. He used the top of the worksheet as a gameboard and tried different ways to take turns to match the 5 pictures. And a new game was born.

Below is my shortened cleaned up directions of a game whose logically complicated rules only he (and perhaps Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory) could follow.

To play - we used my freebie My Pets Matching Game (the number cards).
1. Lay out the cards for the game board (on the table or in a pocket chart). We used the numeral cards.
2. Divide the matching cards into equal piles for the 2 players.
3. On their turn, each player can turn over and match 1 or 2 cards.
4. The person to lay down the last card wins. Strategy, will you lay down 1 or 2 cards on your turn?

We also made a game board with animal's places on it. When you answered your card, you spun the spinner and moved to the next space that matched the animal you spun. This is our uncolored draft above.

If you are interested in the My Pets readers or freebie matching cards, visit my TPT or TN store.


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