Friday, April 26, 2013

Reptiles & Amphibians Freebie Friday

It has been a busy and fun week.

We have been using my Sea Creatures Research It pack this week to finish our inquiry into ocean animals, their attributes (and how their attributes change based on habitat, diet and other needs), and how we impact them. In completing our research journals, we read databases and books. We talked about why we think they have certain attributes. We love that eating only sea grass may be why green sea turtles have a greenish hue to them and figuring out why we think they can't fit their flippers inside their shells. Which tied in nicely with our previous fieldtrip to Carrie Weedon Science Center where we observed live and taxidermy animals including how crabs move. Seeing walking legs and paddle legs in action was so neat.

We also jumped into a mini-study on reptiles and amphibians. We had a guest speaker from Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center who brought a variety of reptiles and amphibians for us to observe during his talk. Of course, we learned about diamondback turtles - observing their colors, behaviors and learning how the shell is made of their backbone and ribs unlike a hermit crabs' shell.

Not to mention a new Math toy came in the mail. More on that soon (I have to take pictures and I created a product for it).

So you know I was busy creating reptile and amphibian Math activities. Today's Freebie Friday at Teaching Blog Addict is a sample of Reptiles and Amphibians Graph It. Get it here. It has a set of black and white outline cards and a set of color cards and a recording sheet. They can be used in graphing pocket charts. Students can also use the graphing cards on large hundreds chart paper to create their own graphs in small groups or centers.
More in this line to come. Reptile and Amphibian Graph It! Pattern It! unit is now up with 3 types of cards and graphing materials (including spinners to spin and graph, and tally sheets to survey) and a pattern unit with activity sheets for accountability or morning work.

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