Friday, August 9, 2013

Cut and Paste Puzzles

It is Friday and that means it is time for a Freebie. :) I love puzzles and so do kids. I have made several different style puzzles for my classroom. One style is the cut and paste strips. This is ideal for sequencing and spelling. By sequencing the numbers or letters, the students create a picture (and the picture helps them sequence). In the second half of the year, I made these with larger numbers and skip counting in BW outline for my kinders to cut apart and glue onto paper as morning work. They then added a sentence to tell about the picture. For this freebie, I made colored puzzles using numeral sequences less than 10. You print on cardstock, laminate and put the puzzle pieces into a center. Add a couple magnet dots on the backs and put at a magnet center. Click here on TPT for the freebie.
This style is also great for name puzzles. These are editable so the number of pieces match the letters in the students' names and come in black and white outline to cut and paste.

and they just might be a limited time Facebook Fan Freebie to celebrate the beginning of the year.

The picture can also match the words created by the letters. If you take pictures of your students at the beginning of the year, you can print them out, cut them into strips, and write the letters of their name on each piece for personalized puzzles. Celebrate the beginning of the year by having the students draw self-portraits and do the same thing. Put all the picture puzzles in a names center so their classmates can match names to pictures. Back the pictures on different colored construction paper before laminating or use different colored marker to write the names to help sort the pictures easily. Sorting 3 kids on blue is easier than 24. Here is a sample - I made a table with the students' names already printed.

Later in the year, you can do the same thing with sight words and holiday themed pictures or CVC words and matching pictures. Check out my All Around Vowels. It is hard to see but there is a sentence about the picture. Graphics by Pink Cat Studio and Ashley Hughes.

Enjoy the freebies & come back Monday for another one.

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