Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Made It Tea

Here’s to a

Tea-rrific School Year
Here is our link up for Monday Made It! I mentioned these Friday but here is a picture. My children and I made these for their teachers for the first day of school today. Their homeroom teacher gets the straw cup filled with drink pouches. The others are for other important teachers and adults in their school life. Each clothespin (that washi tape was harder to wrap than it looked) has a sign and 2 pouches of drink mix (one TEA and one other). My daughter has had 3 teachers so far and they all drank sweet tea. :-) 
Since we don't want to cause a ruckus on the first day, my daughter is delivering the clothespin ones to the office. Next year, we will have to take them with us to meet the teacher night to hand out. We've never given first day gifts before but as I made things for the staff at my was a duh moment. We all know how crazy the beginning of the year is and a little something to say that its appreciated is perfect
I was also busy making labels. If anyone knows how to make labels in PPT and not Word that fit Avery labels....
I made labels for our Me Bags. At conferences this week, the students will take home a bag to bring back on the first day with one thing from home. It is great for Common Core Listening and Speaking but also to help the students feel like part of the school community. They get to bring something from home (Can you say comfort? ) and they get the chance to share it with new friends (we do staggered days so only 7-8 kids). My son's first day of kindergarten included a laminated picture of himself and his sisters in his bookbag in case he got lonely. My daughter was in the same school as me on her first day. When we made the labels (so much easier than gluing on all the bags), we used Krista from Creative Clips' detective kids so we called them Mystery Bags.

So of course, I had to remake things in Owls for my pre-k teammate this weekend when I was making  my sign-in sheet and realized hers should have owls. For the owls, it was Pink Cat Studios. Check out this color it in certificate for the first day.

and mine for Kindergarten has STARs for our school behavior system. The border is made from stars in Kari Bolt's Bedtime Dreaming and the kids with stars are from My Cute Graphics.
Right click on the certificates to copy the picture. I printed mine 2 per  page. The kids will get to color them in at the end of the day while I get them all packed up for dismissal.
Have a great week!

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