Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher

It's Teacher Week! I am linking up at Blog Hoppin' It is fun to read all the posts there.

We just had a welcome email (we officially go back to school next week) asking us to bring French Memo Boards with things representing 4 areas: Education & Career, Hobbies & Recreation, Community & Service, and Home & Family. PANIC! Which leads you to...

So here is meet the teacher number 1 - I am terrible at taking photos. I just forget even when I have a camera with me. Plus I take blurry pictures - yep blurry. My grandparents recently gave me their old camera hoping for better pictures. :) Finding photos for those four areas may take a while...

And number 2 - I am not crafty.  I am good at stamping and coloring in stamps with pastels and chalks. Coloring books are my friends. Mod podge is not my friend. Sewing is not my friend.

And number 3 - I never learned to sew. My mother let me use her sewing machine when I was in middle school and I stepped on the peddle so hard she banned me (of course she did have an antique machine). Not to mention that my Home Ec teacher would shake her head every time I got the machine stuck in webbing. At least I wasn't the one to sew my fingers together. Nope, that was my friend. I did very calmly help her out of the machine and upstairs to the nurse. From then on, we sewed our projects by hand.

Which leads naturally to Number 4 - I love digital scrapbooking/graphics because they add that flair. I adore the artists that create the clipart & graphics I seem addicted to.

Number 5 - My grandmother was an artist. After a career in teaching 3rd grade, she took up painting as a hobby. My grandfather would go into the shop and bring her wooden delights to paint. She painted scenes on everything from oars to milk jugs. My grandfather was a craftsman. Therefore...

Number 6 - The smell of sawdust reminds me of home. Did I mention my father is a Shop teacher? He is a craftsman, too. Although he has taught wood, metal & plastics, he has taught graphics, photography, electronics, &  computers, too.

Number 7 - Sand and tar remind me of summer. We spent many a summer vacation with our cousins at the beach.

Number 8 - My husband and I took our 3 kids to the beach this summer...just a weekend...but they love the sand (and candy) and the baby got stitches on her chin. She loves sand and pools more than anyone. She plays every day in the mini sandbox in our backyard (except this week b/c well she has stitches). :( She is almost 2 going on 21. It is amazing to watch her grow everyday. :)

Number 9 - My oldest daughter is going into 3rd grade (teardrop). She loves playing with her sister and brother and drawing pictures. She doesn't like reading fiction (gasp) but she does like biographies and fact books. A recent favorite of hers Wilma Unlimited about WilmasRudolph. So loves sharing the things she learns :).

Number 10 - My son just finished kindergarten. He loves to help me make things for school. He likes to give his opinion on games and activities. He needs extra help with speech, language and social skills and his school has been great about it. His favorite color is blue! Is there any other color? He gets that from his parents.

Now I need 11 because I have to mention my wonderful husband. :-) He loves football and the Redskins. To be honest before we started dating, I didn't really watch football but listening to the game last night brought home that it is Back to School time! So here is a freebie for you.

Same style as Friday's freebie and similar to the editable FB freebie. I posted this freebie on Teacher's Notebook. I have started to posting more of my units on there again. I started with the recent bundles (take forever to upload :). I am holding a sale this week in honor of their Back to School Sale.


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  1. Great to "meet" you! Thank you for the freebie as well. I just moved to Northern Virginia and really love this part of the country.
    I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. I'll email you more info in a bit:)
    Nicole @ Teach Love