Monday, August 5, 2013

Magazine Boxes for books, folders, games & more

I made my Monday Made It on Saturday but did I take pictures, download them and write the post ahead of time...umm..of course not. So after driving to the beach and playing in the pool, my little one took a tumble and ended up with 4 stitches on her chin. Here she is cuddling with daddy and her poor chin.
Anyways better late than never. I love using cardboard magazine holders in my classroom. I have a mixed batch of designs from long ago, white ones from Ikea and some I found and snagged at Targets dollar spot. I use them as Math centers - they hold gameboards and pieces and are easy for the kids to move with. I have a gazillion and 27 books in them (and one day I will categorize them all).
This past year, I used them on my kinders tables. We had chair pockets but they were forever getting in our way and the chairs couldn't be stacked so the custodians could vacuum. So I put 1 white magazine folder for every 3-4 students (I have horseshoe, rectangle and round tables). In them, we keep our writing folders, journals and notebooks. But they were plain white...
So I traced and cut some 12x12 scrapbooking paper to match the sides. Be sure to trace opposite sides. :) Then I used spray glue to adhere the paper and some decorative ribbon to the bottom.

And because I just had to find out more about Washi tape, I bought a roll at Target and tried trimming the vertical edges (not pictured). I admit the tape was neat - a paper tape easy to line up. The roll I bought wasn't quite the right color for this paper but it gave the long edge a nice finish. It would work great to cover an entire box (the wider width). I'd also love to see how Scotch Duct Tape would cover. They had some great patterns, too.
You could make them in different colors for different tables or centers. They'd make a great teacher gift, too.

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